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Below you'll find answers to questions patients often ask.

The thought of those cramped MRI tubes you see on TV can be frightening.

If you have claustrophobia, or if you’re prone to panic attacks, the traditional MRI chamber can induce nausea, anxiety, severe headaches, and worse.

We know you value your health and comfort. That’s why we offer an Open MRI.

You’ll feel much more relaxed in our open scanning bed. It won’t fence you in, or close you off from the world. Best of all, if a loved one comes in with you, you’ll be able to see them, right by your side.

This openness helps our patients feel at ease in the scanning chamber. Make your appointment with Envision OpenMRI today.

What is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It’s a non-invasive, completely safe scanning procedure that captures detailed, high-quality images of your organs and tissues.

During a scan, you lie flat, surrounded by powerful magnets. The magnets cause the cells in your body to produce a powerful magnetic field. Our scanner detects the field, and converts data from it into an image of your body.

How is an MRI different from a CT Scan or an X-Ray?

Used to examine bone, X-rays don’t show organs or tissues clearly. CT scans have trouble showing any difference between normal and abnormal tissues.

X-rays and CT scans also both require iodizing radiation. An MRI does not. Patients don’t need to fear any side-effects. This is especially good for patients who will need many scans over a short period of time.

When is an MRI the wrong choice?

Ask your doctor. An MRI has many benefits, but it may not be right for you.

If your doctor doesn’t need high-resolution detail to make a diagnosis, he or she may choose an X-ray or a CT scan for you.

And, if you have any metal in your body, – cochlear implants, loop recorders, shrapnel fragments, insulin pumps, etc – an MRI scan may over-heat these metal components and cause malfunctioning.

Please consult with our technologist if you have any concerns.


Yes. We cannot legally perform an MRI without one. You can get one from a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, or a chiropractor.

We accept all insurance policies. And if you’re not covered right now, we still want to take care of you.

We offer affordable flat rate scans. Contact us for more information.

Yes we can! Have you doctor’s office forward us your information. We will help secure approval for you.

For almost everyone, yes. We’ll take a medical history, just to make sure.

That said, there are some patients who should not get MRIs:

– Anyone with implanted hearing aids,

– Anyone with implanted neurostimulators,

– And anyone with older cardiac pacemakers.

And if you are an expectant mother, you should not get a CT scan.

If you worry you may be one of these patients, please consult with our technologist. We’ll make sure you’re safe.


You’ve probably seen a traditional MRI on TV. They put the patient in a dark, confined tunnel of magnets. Many patients find the experience uncomfortable.

Open MRIs, however, have no walls – only magnets above and below you. Much more pleasant for bariatric patients, or for patients with claustrophobia. Best of all, if you bring a loved one along, you can see them right beside you for the duration of your scan.

An MRI is non-invasive. So you won’t need to take many precautions before your scan. Eat as usual, and take your normal medications, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

On the day of your scan, bring your ID, insurance information, and your prescription. You’ll be asked to verify basic medical background information.

Wear comfortable clothes. Most people prefer sweatpants. Avoid metal on your skin or in your clothes. No piercings, hair pins, jewelry, zippers, belt buckles, etc.

And if you’d prefer, we can provide a gown or scrubs for you.

Do not bring any metal into the scanning room. That means no phones, jewelry, coins, keys, glasses, watches, dentures, prostheses, credit cards, hearing aids, or anything else. We will have a secure area for your belongings.

This varies, depending on the procedure you need. Our technologist will be able to tell you when you call us for an appointment.

Unless you have taken a sedative, you will have no problem driving immediately afterward.

Of course! Although an MRI can be stressful for some, our Open MRI chamber has some space for a close friend of family member to sit beside you. Just make sure they know not to bring or wear any metal. And if they have an older cardiac pacemaker, they should not enter the room.

Parents or guardians should always accompany their children.